It's National Hot Dog Month. Have you celebrated yet? The Chicago Cubs, Bless 'em, are serving serving up a Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza/Chicago hot dog hybrid. Let's pause and contemplate this.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Chicago Eater is reporting the one week only promotion is a combination of a Giordano's Pizza and a Vienna (Chicago) Hot Dog. Specifically its a personal cheese deep dish pizza crust topped with chopped hot dogs and traditional Chicago-style hot dog toppings including tomatoes, onions, sport peppers and mustard. And don't ask about ketchup. Just don't.

We sat around and tried to think of any foods that are very Kalamazoo-centric and really couldn't think of anything other than Sweetwater's did do the Oberon donut on Oberon Day this year.

Then again, anything bathed or battered in a Kalamazoo beer would probably be good.