Michigan, Farmers and the Immigration Issue
Apparently Michigan farmers are concerned about what some are calling stricter illegal immigration enforcement by President Trump. The Michigan farmers are worried that this new idea which is basically saying that we will now follow the law of the land could hurt their businesses because they have a…
Sessions, Russians and the Press
Well the supposed Russian connections and the Trump campaign saga continues.
Now the Press has zeroed in on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Fox News is reporting on claims that AG Sessions had two “meetings” with the Russian Ambassador prior to President Trump&CloseC…
President Trump’s Speech to the Joint Session of Congress
In his address to the Joint Session of Congress President Trump said that the country was witnessing “the renewal of the American spirit,” and he asked his opponents in Congress to join in that renewal of the American spirit.
To watch and hear his full address please click on the following link:
Audio of Interview with Congressmen Amash 2-23-17
I interviewed Congressmen Amash in my studio on Thursday February 23, 2017.
I asked Congressmen Amash if he believed it's more important to stay true to your ideological ideals, or work with those who might disagree with you, so we can make things better than they have been the past 8 years…
Liberal Talk Host Alan Colmes Dies at 66
Talk Radio Fans know there haven’t been many left-leaning hosts who have been successful.  The world lost one of first and best known liberal talk hosts today.
Alan Colmes died after an undisclosed brief illness.  He was 66.
We got this e-mail from Fox News:
It is with great sadness that we in…
Interview with Congressman Amash On Live with Renk
Please join me tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:06 AM, Congressman Justin Amash (R- 3rd District MI) will be in studio to discuss the issues of the day.
We will be discussing the immigration issues facing America today, the angry crowds Congress men and women are facing including himself and other issues fac…
Post-Election Stress Syndrome
We have all heard of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome), now there is PESD (Post Election Stress Syndrome).
Apparently democrats are so depressed since President Trump beat Hillary Clinton that they are running to mental health professionals too discuss their mental issues over the election result…
Democrats Knock Republican Staffer Unconscious
As I have been stating on my Radio program, Live with Renk, for the last year things are getting scary here in America.  The democrats are turning to violence and aggression in their so called “protests.”
A female staffer for California Republican Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher was knocked unconscious …
I Thought Trump was Secretly Working with the Russians
President Trump, through his Press Secretary told reporters Tuesday that he expects Russia to return Crimea to the Ukraine.
I am confused because I have been told by the left stream media over and over again that he is secretly working with the Russians to help them out.
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Resigns
President Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday after he admitted that he misled Vice President Mike Pence on the contents of a December 29, 2016 phone discussion he had with the Russian ambassador, in which they apparently discussed Russian sanctions...

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