Does the First 100 Days Really Matter?
We keep hearing about the first 100 days in a new Presidents administration and what they accomplish in that time period.
Does the first 100 days really matter in the grand scheme of things, do you really care about the first 100 days of a new Presidents administration...
North Korea: Has the Time Come?
The North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un has become increasingly more aggressive amid escalating tensions over the country’s missile tests and bellicose rhetoric and many say that they believe he may be mentally unstable.
Past Presidents have been kicking this North Korean can down the road for decades no…
Trump Worse Than a Terrorist
Is it fair to say that President Trump is worse than a terrorist?
Apparently Democrat Congressmen Mark DeSaulnier from California believes so.
The East Bay Times is reporting that Congressmen Mark DeSaulnier held a town hall style meeting at a California Middle School last week
An eleven year old 6th g…
How Many EPA Employees are “Essential”?
When the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt was tasked with looking to eliminate 25% of the 15,000 employees at the agency, many on the left had heart attacks.
Well I just found an article by Reuters in 2013 that when our federal government was facing a shutdown in 2…
Michigan, Medicaid and the Lottery
The Republicans in Washington D.C. might just look to no other than Michigan for inspiration concerning Medicaid and lottery winners.
According to the Detroit News, Michigan Congressman Fred Upton (R-St Joseph) has sponsored a bill that will look a lot like what the State of Michigan passed in 2012..…
Speaker of the House Ryan, Boehner and Congressman Amash
A couple of days ago Congressman Amash stated during a West Michigan Town Hall meeting that the role of the Speaker of the House is to play a “nonpartisan” role focused more on the process of the House than politics.
In fact Congressman Amash stated the following at the Town Hall meeting as well as o…
Audio of Congressman Amash’s Interview with Renk
Today I interviewed Congressman Amash (R 3rd District Michigan) and we discussed his recent Tweeter spat with the President and the Freedom Caucus, the healthcare debate and the recent limited bombing in Syria.
In fact Congressman Amash tweeted the following concerning the limited bombing strike…
Amash, Renk and President Trump
Please join me tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:06 AM, Congressman Justin Amash (R- 3rd District MI) will be in studio to discuss the issues of the day.
Congressmen Amash and I will be discussing his recent Tweeter spat with the President and the Freedom Caucus, the healthcare debate and the recent limited b…
Bombing, Syria and Trump
Former President Obama laid down a red line when it came to Syria and their use of chemical weapons against their citizens, he did not hold to that red line but President Trump did.
Last Thursday evening President Trump order the bombing, using Tomahawk missiles, of a Syrian airfield from which they …

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