Could This Be The Quote of The Year?
President Trump's Secretary of Defense James Mattis was asked a question over the weekend by John Dickerson on CBS's "Face the Nation", his response just might be the quote of the year.
CBS “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson asked Secretary M…
The American Flag Can’t Fly
Should you be able to fly an American flag outside your home whenever you wish?
That is the question.
Fox News is reporting about a neighborhood in Georgia in which the homeowners associations (HOA) is limiting the number of days a homeowner can fly the American flag outside their home to 23 days a ye…
Audio of Rep. Amash’s Int. with Renk
Today I interviewed Congressman Amash (R 3rd District Michigan) and we discussed his recent Tweeter spat with the President and the Freedom Caucus, the healthcare debate and the recent limited bombing in Syria.
One of the issues we discussed is Congressman Amash response to a question from TheHi…
The Alligators are Circling their Prey In the Swamp
We wanted the Swamp Drained.  Did any of you think that the animals that depend on the swamp as their life blood, their sustenance, there big money and their celebrity were not going to fight back?
Because if you did you were wrong.
The Media, President Trump and Hate
No matter what you think about President Trump, I think we can all agree that the attack by the media against President Trump is unprecedented.
In preparation for my daily radio program I read a lot of news articles and watch quite a bit of news programs...
Let’s Make a Deal: Russia, IRS and Benghazi
The Democrat’s and by Democrat’s I mean almost all of the media, are calling for a Special Prosecutor for the alleged President Trump/Russian collusion story that is being pushed by them.
I say ok how about a deal, if you want a Special Prosecutor for the Russian story…
What Has Happened to Our Society?
Do you remember a time when government was this involved in your life?  Am I missing something here, was government always this involved in our lives, was it always the central part of the news of the day and I just did not see it.
We have come to a fork in the road when it comes to the amount o…
When are the Democrats Going To Reject Hatred?
Can we all agree that there is too much hatred in this world?  If so I then ask my friends in the Democratic Party to reject the growing and cancerous hatred in their party.
There has long been a simmering cauldron of hate on the left but since the election of President Trump this cauldron has h…
Has the Democrat Party Been Hijacked?
The May Day celebrations were supposed to be a day meant to celebrate workers and the gains made by labor advocates.  Is that what went on yesterday?
The answer is very simply NO.
Police departments in Paris, Istanbul, Portland, New York, Seattle Washington and many more around the country and world w…

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