Petition to the NFL
On my show Monday, The Live with Renk Show, one of my listeners wanted to know if we could start some sort of website or petition in which we could show our disapproval of what the NFL is allowing to happen during the National Anthem.
Well another listener from Lansing heard that call and starte…
NFL Ticket Pricing Oppression Poll?
The average cost for a ticket to see a NFL game in 2017 is $93.00.  What would it cost the average family of 4 to see a NFL game:

4 tickets would cost $372.00
Approximately $20 to park
Approximately $80 for food
Approximately $40 for souvenirs

That means it would cost a working man or women approximately…
Un-American Millionaires
What are we to think of spoiled entitled millionaires who have been coddled their entire life deciding to essentially kneel on the American Flag and all the people who fought and died for this country.  They are kneeling on the bodies of these people who fought for their freedom that allows the…

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