Have you ever burned your fingers making S'mores? A Kalamazoo company has come up with a solution that could end up being Outdoor Product of the Year.

Image courtesy of Vintage Camping Gear

VintageCampingGear.com has come up with S'mores mitts. A pretty simple idea, but someone had to come up with it, and these locals did.

The website says: "Stop burning your fingers on hot S’mores with the new S’more Mitt from Vintage Camping Gear… the cool S’more Mitt safely captures all of the hot goodies while protecting your hands."

It seems simple to use.

Step 1: Fold the pre-scored Mitt into a “U”

Step 2: Add the graham crackers and chocolate (plus any other of your favorite treats)

Step 3: Place the hot marshmallow between the goodies, squeeze the Mitt and pull the stick out

Here something else positive about the product; S’more Mitts are made of recycled cardboard.

Vintage Camping Gear  is a Kalamazoo based company founded by Jeff and Karen Matson. Karen is a local artist, and Jeff has a web design firm downtown.

If you want to check this product out or the other stuff they sell, they're at vintagecampinggear.com