You get to a certain age, and first your grandparents' generation starts to fade away, then as the years pass by, your parents' generation begins to die. The passing of comedy legend Sid Caesar feels like that.

Carl Reiner, Sid Caesar & Howard Morris (Photo by Gary Wagner/Getty Images)

I wasn't born when he was in his heyday (the 50's) but my folks talked about him. And being an avid consumer of anything pop culture, I read about him, and heard about the legendary bits. And more recently with the advent of home video and even more so, YouTube, more and more people would be exposed to this genius and maybe get the same laughs and enjoyment that I did the first time I saw these bits.

I remember playing this video for my kids a few years ago, and they were on the floor laughing hard. Just today when I tweeted the news of Caesar's passing, both boys tweeted back with lines from the bit. "UNCLE GOOPY!" and "MR. TORCH!"

If you've seen it before, enjoy it again. And if you've never seen it before, don't be afraid of the black and white. It's really that good.