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Michigan and Deer Hunting Season
Did you know that Michigan had the nation's second-largest deer harvest in the 2016-17 hunting season, according to a survey by Outdoor Life magazine.
According to the Outdoor Life magazine 341,288 deer in Michigan were harvested in the 2016 - 2017 hunting season
Who came in 1st, the state of Tex…
Flint Mayor Up For Recall and Why to Vote for a Recall
Did you know that the Mayor of Flint, Karen Weaver, is up for a recall vote tomorrow?
Neither did I and quite frankly once I found I did not care which way the vote went until….
Mlive reported that Jesse Jackson supports Mayor Weaver and that changed my entire thinking...
Prayers, Shooting and the Left
What has this country come to?
The U.S. Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan, called for people to pray after the shooting and murder of 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, he tweeted the following:
Reports out of Texas are devastating

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