Do They See Their Image in Mirrors?
A big part of our political problems today is bias.  People not caring what the facts are or unwilling to look at something objectively is driving our current political environment, driving it into the grave.
A perfect example occurred the other day on CNN...
28% of Public School Teachers Chronically Absent, Why?
A new analysis by the Thomas P. Fordham Institute has found that more than 28% of public school teachers are chronically absent.
Chronically absent is considered missing work due to illness more than 10 times in a school year.
In the report titled "Teacher Absenteeism in Charter and Traditional P…
Kid Rock Vs Debbie Stabenow
The poll numbers are all over the place and “Only God Knows Why”.
The latest poll by the Marketing Resource Group (MRG) of 600 likely voters between last Wednesday and this Monday has Senator Stabenow up by 18 points, 52%-34%.
Kid Rock (Robert Ritchie) has been hinting…
Was President-Elect Surveilled?
Well, well, well, a new report from CNN claims that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was wiretapped under secret court order before and while he was President Trump’s campaign manager.
Well it certainly would strengthen President Trump’s claim last March wh…
Detroit Lions Worth How Much?
According to Forbes the Detroit Lions are worth $1.7 billions dollars, that is a 3% increase over last year. Now that sounds like a lot of money does it not.
Well according to Forbes of all the 32 National Football Leagues teams that rates them at 31...
Chanting ‘U-S-A’ Could Be Racist
A high school in California, Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, has warned their students against chanting 'USA' at sporting events in case it offends students of 'different ethnicities'.
Us Bald Men are More Attractive
Score one of the bald guys!
The University of Pennsylvania has just released the results of their new survey that has found that bald men are more attractive.
Really I am not joking.
CBS Local news in Philadelphia is reporting on the results of this new survey, results that I knew to always be true...