On Air

The Steve Gruber Show

Hosted by Steve Gruber

I have been a television professional and on air personality since 1987. My career began in Bozeman, Montana as the weatherman but new challenges arose sending me towards the mainstream spotlight as an investigative reporter. Afte…

Live With Renk

Hosted by Renk

Live with Renk features local talk. Issues from right here in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Renk features interviews with local newsmakers, and he always invites your calls. We heard your voice, asking for conservative talk in the m…

The Rush Limbaugh Show

Hosted by Rush Limbaugh

Rush started as a DJ at 16, and his talk show began in 1984 at Sacramento radio station KFBK.   He did a little political commentary and took listener calls. Four years later, in 1988, he began broadcasting his show nationally fro…

The Sean Hannity Show

Hosted by Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is on every afternoon from 3-6pm. Hannity hosted his first talk show in Santa Barbara in ’89 and learned his craft in Huntsville, Alabama and Atlanta.  But Sean became widely known as a fill-in host for Rush Lim…

The Joe Pags Show

Hosted by Joe Pags

The Joe Pags Show is a daily news/talk show from 6-9pm on TalkRadio 1360 WKMI.

Joe Pags is a guy who knows Kalamazoo. He reported the news on Ch. 3 in the late 80’s and early 90’s, using the name Joe Parker.

Pags start…

The Schnitt Show

Hosted by Todd Schnitt

The Schnitt Show is a conservative radio talk show that airs Monday through Friday 6-9 pm.  Schnitt describes himself as a “fiercely independent conservative with libertarian influence.”  One of the slogans heard on the show’s rec…

The John Batchelor Show

Hosted by John Batchelor

The John Batchelor Show (Tuesday – Saturday from 12m-1AM) is an essential tool for understanding the new order in the 21st Century.  Each week John brings listeners breaking news with a carefully cultivated team of sources a…

RedEye Radio

Hosted by RedEye Radio

Red Eye Radio is the pre-eminent syndicated overnight radio show hosted by radio vets Gary McNamara and Eric Harley. Targeted at long haul truckers, Red Eye Radio has broadened its mission to include virtually everyone living and …