Michigan City Most Educated in America
Congrat’s Ann Arbor, a WalletHub study has found that Ann Arbor is the most educated city in the United States.
The study looked at 150 of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, they evaluated each city using nine relevant metrics...
Subsidized School Lunches and Michigan
I knew there were quite a few children in Michigan who were on the subsidized school lunch program.  What I did not know was how many.
According to the Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information as reported by Mlive...
Liking a Photo of a Gun Got Him Suspended
Should a student who “liked” a picture of a gun on Instagram be suspended from school?  Well apparently one school in Trenton Ohio thought so.
Fox 19 in Ohio is reporting on a Middle School student who received a 10 day suspension for “liking&CloseCurlyDoubleQuo…
Only Non-Whites Apply
What does geology and race have to do with each other, an intelligent person would think nothing.  Well apparently a geology professor at Pomona College thinks differently.
The Campus Reform news site is reporting on this geology professor who said she is prioritizing students of color, immigran…
Teacher Accuses Future Farmers as Murderers
A Florida middle school science teacher bullied and called his Future Farmers of America (FFA) students murderers'.
The Daily Caller reported that the teacher, Thomas Roger Allison Jr., allegedly stated the following to his students:
When the animals’ throats are being slit, they are calling out your …
Defend the Holocaust?
I have been a champion and longtime supporter of teaching our young adults the art of critical thinking, but can that critical thinking exercise go too far?
I think we may have just found a topic where the art of teaching critical thinking, at least from a subject matter perspective, has gone too far…
Grading Michigan Schools Plan A-F Dropped
Michigan’s Department of Education’s proposed A-F grading plan for Michigan’s schools has been eliminated for consideration. is reporting that Michigan is dropping its plan to grade our schools with an overall A-F grade...
Michigan Senator Peters Believes Children Deserve Better than Betsy DeVos
Do you ever wonder if some of our elected officials think about what they say before they say it?
I do not know if the better answer to that question is yes or no.
If the answer is yes than they might not be the brightest people in the bunch because that means that they do not care what they say or ha…

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