Elementary School, Trump and a Tombstone
Today on my show someone and called in and spoke about what he thought was the fact that public schools attempt to brainwash our children in their extreme liberal ways.
I am sure there were 1000’s of people who believed he was a conspiracy theorist...
What is Your Favorite Halloween Candy?
Do you really like Candy Corn Michigan?
A website titled CandyStore.com reviewed 10 years of sales data of candy to determine what is the most popular Halloween candy in each state in America.
The study looked at 10 years of sales data from 2007-2016, they stated that they were looking in particular a…
Dad of the Year on Halloween
A father and his 3 year old daughter our on a flight from Boston to San Francisco, problem is it is on Halloween night.  The dad does not want his daughter to miss Halloween so what does he do?
According to Boston CBS news he secretly hands out candy to everyone on the flight with a note stating…

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