Global Warming, 5.2 Trillion and 0.2 Degrees
Do you believe that the remote possibility of lowering our temperature of the planet by 0.2 degrees by 2100 is worth $5,200,000,000,000 dollars?
The United Nations (UN) does.
The Daily Caller is reporting that the UN is demanding that the member countries of the UN chip in a minimum of $5...
Michiganders Demand Trump Release Tax Returns
By some reporting there was approximately 400 people demonstrating in downtown Detroit demanding that President Trump release his tax returns.  There were also people in Ann Arbor, Farmington, Hamtramck, Grand Rapids, Pentwater and Marquette who demonstrated for the release of those same tax re…
New MI Road Bill: No Cuts
It appears that all the politicians and so called pundits who are saying that the new Michigan House of Representatives road funding plan means cuts to other Michigan programs should keep their powder dry for right now.
I just read an article by Michigan’s own think tank the Mackinac Center for Publi…
If Michigan Raises Business Taxes, Will They Still Come?
The Michigan state democrat lawmakers want to increase tax credits and deductions for families and students and raise taxes on businesses.
If it would work, I would be 100% behind it. But can it?
Can we raise taxes on businesses and still attract them to come to Michigan...
Possible Bipartisan Michigan Road Deal
Apparently there may be a new bipartisan road funding bill brewing in Michigan’s legislature.
The Detroit News is reporting on a new deal emerging from both the Michigan Senate and House forged by four Republican and Democrat leaders of the Senate and House.
Might We Already Have Enough Money?
According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s Michigan Capitol Confidential website Michigan is predicted to take in and additional $2.7 billion dollars in taxes over the next 3 years.  In fact Michigan is predicted to bring in an additional 1.6 bi...
What Number is Fair to Michiganders?
According to the Michigan Department of Treasury, in 2012 the top 1% of Michigan earners paid 15% of our total state income tax collected and the bottom 33% of Michigan earners received $245 million more than they paid in.

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