Lately, we sadly shake our heads when another place we love goes under.    A few months ago, it was the Pancake House.  This week, it’s Lakeview Hardware.   Chances are you have great memories of those places, but didn’t go the extra mile to support them when it counted.  It’s easy to get side-tracked these days.

Well, if you need the motivation to support businesses or organizations that you care about, look no further than 13-year-old Luke Bierbaum.   Luke has been involved as one of the Franke Center for the Arts’ Youth Theater actors.  On August 18, Luke stopped by the center on Mansion Street in Marshall and dropped off an envelope.  Inside was $200 along with a letter that read:

“I have been involved in Franke Center Youth Theater’s production for the past seven years and it has brought me such joy each and every time. For the last two summers, I have been painting and selling rocks at the Marshall Farmer’s Market. I also invite kids to come to paint a rock with me, just for fun. I can tell it brings joy to them. Bringing joy to others is important to me. I am hoping that this donation of $200 to such an amazing program will help continue to bring joy to others. Thank you for everything! -- Luke”

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Allison Ebner, Director of the Youth Theater, said, “The Franke Center staff is so touched by Luke’s generosity. We’ve seen Luke grow into such a nice young man and a wonderful performer. We should all be more like Luke!”

I couldn’t agree more.   Before they’re all gone, I challenge you to support one local business or organization that is unique to our area.  If a 13-year-old kid can pony up $200, we can at least do something.  Right?

The Franke Center for the Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. To learn more about their programming, including their upcoming Youth Theater productions, visit the Franke Center website. 


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