If you advocate for a $15 minimum wage should you not also pay people who work for you at least $15 and hour?

You would think that is a stupid question but in today’s politics it is not.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential news site is reporting that all three of Michigan's declared candidates for Governor of Michigan are advocating for a $15 minimum wage but none of them actual pay or want to pay all of their employees $15 an hour.

For example Gretchen Whitmer is currently advertising for interns to work on her campaign 15 to 25 hours a week, those positions is she looking to fill are unpaid.  They do not even pay today’s minimum wage they pay nothing.

The same is true for Abdul El-Sayed who himself is looking to “hire” interns to work at his campaign for 5 to 8 hours a week unpaid.

The third Democrat candidate for Governor of Michigan, Shri Thanedar, is also advertising for unpaid internships.

I believe it is just common sense that if any of us were advocating for something we should lead by example and implement what we are advocating for in our own lives.

Sounds like common sense, does it not.  As I stated above common sense is no longer part of our politics today and is becoming less important in our personal lives.

Shouldn’t people who are asking us to elect them to lead us also lead by example?

My answer to the question is a resounding yes!

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