I really am NOT a fear monger but...

This cold WILL kill you. It has killed 19 people since the cold season began in Cook County, Illinois. Click here to see I am not making it up. 

The last guy was just 50 years old. He died from heart disease that was exacerbated by the extreme cold. He was found face down in a doorway by a passerby... How we all want to go.

One of the victims was just 12. She was playing in the snow when it collapsed on her. In this cold, it's not safe for anyone out there.

The Governor of Michigan has declared a State of Emergency due to cold, you can click here to read all that. With wind chills getting around -50 in some Michigan places, you can get frostbite within 20 minutes. If the wind is blowing hard enough. Under 10. Be safe, patient and prepare. This cold WILL kill you.





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