Citizen Against Government Waste, a non-partisan organization, has identified $644.1 billion a year in waste which in the end could save us taxpayers $2.6 trillion over 5 years.

In their new report titled "Prime Cuts 2016" reported by The Washington Free Beacon gives us 618 recommendations of wasteful and ineffective programs that would save us taxpayers a lot of money. Now who do you believe as president would actually look at ending these programs and save us those taxpayer dollars Hillary or 'Trump?

Citizen Against Government Waste has found wasted taxpayer dollars in almost every agency in our federal government. These agencies range from the EPA, the Labor Department, the Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, the Justice Department and The Department of Commerce.

If we want to be serious about balancing the budget for the first time in decades and have a chance at tackling our debt we have to have someone in the Presidency who would have the guts to tackle these wasteful programs, agencies and lobbyist.

Some of the wasteful spending they found are as follows:

  • If Congress were to reduce improper Medicare payments by 50% in five years, that could save us taxpayers $4.3 billion in just one year.
  • If Congress where to eliminate federal subsidies for Amtrak in the Department of Transportation, us taxpayers could save $1.4 billion in one year and $7.1 billion in five years.
  • If Congress were to eliminate the ENERGY STAR program, which is a labeling program at the EPA to identify energy-efficient products, it could save taxpayers $52 million in just one year.
  • Eliminate the sugar, dairy, and peanut subsidies saving us a combined $12 billion over five years

There are 100's of more recommendations that if a President and the political parties were truly serious about balancing the budget and reducing our debt they would address these wasteful spending of our taxpayer dollars.

This does not need to be a partisan issue, so join with me and let's truly push our political parties to get serious about our deficit and debt. Let us elect politicians who would have the real courage to tackle this wasteful spending and who has no real ties to a political party.

Again I ask you who do you believe that would be Hillary and Trump.

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