This home feels like something out of a storybook that has come to life.

In Niles, Michigan, sits a gorgeous 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom mansion that has recently hit the market for $2,750,000.

The home, at 71345 Covington Bluff Ln, is just minutes from the Indiana border and might be the most perfectly detailed home I've seen on Zillow. Inside, you'll find high ceilings, incredible woodwork and architecture, and a lower level that looks as if it could double as a high-end restaurant or club.

This place is definitely one of a kind. Take a look for yourself:

$2.75 Million Mansion in Niles Can Only Be Described as "Dreamy"

Modeled after a castle, this home looks like a modern-day storybook home come to life.

The listing on Zillow, which you can see here, has been active for about 21 days but, if someone has the money to spend, there's no doubt this one will be snatched up quickly. What an incredible home.

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