The most lauded movie performances of the past year include depictions of a bloodied fur trapper, a woman imprisoned in a tool shed and a gaggle of unkempt newspaper reporters. Suffice it to say, the actors behind the disheveled characters cleaned up — and then some — on the 2016 Academy Awards red carpet.

Tonight (February 28), with Chris Rock at the Oscars helm, Hollywood will honor some of the film industry's most standout work. Between Mad Max, Spotlight and The Revenant, the contest's top contenders couldn't be more different, but the stars that have spearheaded each share a similar knack for memorable fashion.

Between flowy gowns, dapper suits and jewelry that could make the Hope Diamond look like cubic zirconium, tonight's ensembles have proven that the Oscars are most certainly the awards season's most gussied-up affair. Grammys looks are daring and the Video Music Awards are designed to bring the shock value, but there's something to be said for classic designs and truly glamorous looks. Brie Larson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne are just some of the stars who are stepping up to the fashion-plate at tonight's big show, and let's just say it: they're collectively hitting it out of the park.

Above, we've collected some of the night's most memorable looks. See who wore what on the 2016 Oscars red carpet above, and share your favorite look in the comments. Also, be sure to catch the live stream here.

Check out the most memorable looks from the 2016 Grammy Awards:

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