There are a couple of HUGE benefits to tying the knot at on the 29th in Hell.

First of you only have to remember your anniversary once every four years.  Breaking news: February 29th only happens every four years.

Secondly, I think this Reverend put it best when he spoke to,

When you get married in Hell, there’s nowhere for your marriage to go but up, said the Rev. Yvonne Williams, who will be officiating the mass ceremony Feb. 29.

There's yet another huge benefit to getting married in Hell, Michigan on Feb. 29th.  The ceremonies last about 10 minutes each.  OK, now you have my attention.

Here's a video of a couple touring the ground of Hell a couple year years ago.

There may be a couple spots left according to,

Interested couples can sign up to wed by texting her at 810-623-1125 with your full name, address and confirmation of having secured a valid marriage license.

If you want to get married in Hell but not on Leap Day, that's no problem according to MLive,

Hell has weddings year round at its little chapel. It costs $125 to rent the chapel for an hour. “You can rent it for longer, but the hour is usually enough,” added Reverend Vonn. "My services to have me officiate are $106.66. The chapel itself holds 12 guests including the couple and officiant. The grounds can accommodate an outdoor ceremony of up to 150 people.

Just be warned.  The whole town might come to your wedding.  All 72 residents.

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