It would seem that alligators are becoming more of a common place in Michigan. The same week a 5 foot pet alligator named Wally was struck and killed on a Michigan highway, a 3 foot alligator was found in the back yard of a Jackson County man.

Deputy Bahnsen, of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, was dispatched to Roundtree Road in Hanover Township on Friday, June 28th for an alligator in the yard of a residence. The home owner advised that the alligator came from a pond and swamp area on his property and was walking across the yard. The resident held the alligator with a fishing net until Deputy Bahnson arrived. The alligator was transported to the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

The alligator was found tangled in fishing nets. Witnesses on the scene as well as Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies, worked to untangle the alligator, which was then taken to the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

The alligator is not available for adoption. It will be taken to the Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary.

There is an estimated 5,000 alligators being kept as pets in the state of Michigan.

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