A series of busts in Kalamazoo over the weekend resulted in several stolen firearms being recovered.

The first incident took place just before midnight Friday, where an undercover officer witnessed a man walk in front of his car, pull out a gun, inspect it, and then put it back into his pants before walking away. The man was contacted by officers afterwards, and he threw the gun to the side before being taken into custody. The loaded handgun was found to have been stolen, so the 32-year-old man was arrested on multiply felony charges.

The second incident happened around 7:48pm Saturday night, after a Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer conducted a traffic stop. The officer learned that there were drugs in the car, and during a search of the vehicle a stolen handgun was found, as was “delivery amounts” of marijuana; after the gun was found the driver attempted to flee, but the 18-year-old was caught and arrested on several drug and weapons charges.

The third discovery occurred around 5:24am Sunday, at the Fox Ridge Apartments. Officers had been patrolling the area, when they saw a car parked in the middle of a lot and learned that someone inside it had been waiving a handgun around. KDPS Officers contacted the man as he was pulling into a driveway in an attempt to avoid discovery, and the 28-year-old was found with a loaded, stolen gun in his waistband. He will be facing several felony charges as well.

The KDPS asks those with information about these and other incidents to get into contact with them.

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