While some people are dreading the end of Summer, there's still time to admire the gorgeous sunflowers that grow in the SW Michigan area before the season ends.

In Vicksburg, a little farm by the name of JTK Farms LLC. just announced a drive-thru tour of their sunflower field that is open to the public.

Wait, Doesn't Sunflower Season End Soon?

Yes, it does. In Michigan, sunflowers are usually at their peak from July to late August or early September. That means that you do not have long to enjoy them before Fall kicks into gear.

There are a few sunflower farms in the SW Michigan area. Gull Meadow Farm, for example, allows you to pay a fee to tour their sunflower field. You can also pick one sunflower (some of them are the size of your head) or pay an additional fee to pick multiple.

JTK Farms, on the other hand, is offering a simple, drive-thru tour for a suggested donation of $5.

How Does it Work?

According to a post made by JTK Farms in the Facebook group, Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village, they wanted to try something new. So, they created this tour of their 30-acre sunflower farm.

There's no official charge. All they're asking is for a suggested $5 donation. As well, there will be freshly cut sunflowers available at the end of the drive for $1 a piece.

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As far as the hours go, the drive will be open during "daylight hours" or from 7 am - 8:30 pm.

Can I Get Out of My Car?

Since this is specifically a drive-thru tour, JTK Farms is asking that everyone stay in their car for safety purposes.

However, if there's no one behind you, you're more than welcome to stop and take a few pictures if you'd like. If there is someone behind you, you can still stop. They just ask that you keep the stop brief.

How Long Will the Tour Take and Where is it?

It's estimated that the tour should take about 15 minutes. As far as where it's located, it'll be best for you to mark this on your phone's map. There doesn't seem to be any official signage but, JTK Farms did share Google Maps coordinates that you can find here.

If you're more of a street name kind of navigator, in their post JTK farms said

The "Sunflower Drive" is located South of Centreville, Mi. on Klinger Lake Road about a mile from the stop light in town.

They also gave a little preview of what your drive will look like:


Unfortunately, JTK Farms doesn't have a website and their Facebook page is not very active but, you can find it here. Or, find the original post from Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Villiage here.

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