Are you sticking with that New Year's resolution?  A personal trainer maybe just what you need.

We asked you to nominate then vote for your favorite personal trainer in Southwest Michigan.  And boy did you.  With over 12,000 votes this year, we received twice as many votes as last year.  Not to mention, an entirely new top 5 personal trainers.  In fact, the top 5 of 2020 went from zero to hero as they weren't even in last year's poll.  Congrats to all of the hard working personal trainers that were nominated.

Here are you 5 favorite personal trainers in Southwest Michigan for 2020.

#5. Lydia Bogard at Portage Fit Body Boot Camp with 6.43%

#4. Sloane Hutson At Fit in 30 Battle Creek with 6.99%

#3. Rob Lillie of Lillie Inspired with 8.68%

#2. Jen Beach at Anytime Fitness with 8.7%

#1. Ray Yager at Burn Boot Camp with 8.76%

Congrats to all of the personal trainers that were nominated. Here are the full poll results.

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