This week the Small Michigan Town series stops in Tekonsha.  Population: 706.

Tekonsha is smack dab in the middle of Coldwater and Marshall just off of I-69 and M-60.  We asked Facebook the question, "what's your favorite thing about Tekonsha?"  We've tabulated your responses to come up with the '5 Things Everyone From Tekonsha Knows.

#5.  Cheaper Gas

Jordan Lopshire commented, "Gas is like 20 cents cheaper than where I live in Coldwater."  We confirmed that Jordan was pretty close by using the gas buddy app.  Right now the average gas price per gallon in Tekonsha is $2.59 versus Coldwater $2.75.


#4.  The Annual Community Garage Sale

Lynda Smith commented, "The annual community garage sale ...... It's huge!!!!"

Lynda is right.  It's huge.  The number of people in Tekonsha more than double as thousands of people come to this small town of 706 people.  This community garage sale has been going strong for 35 years now and took place this year August 30th-Sept 1st.


#3.  Tekonsha Animal Hospital - 828 N Main St,
Tekonsha, Michigan

Lisa Alger commented, "My Vet’s office. Tekonsha Animal Hospital. There are a lot of Vets closer to my house, but Dr. Tammy Lons & her staff are the BEST!!!!"

Lisa G. left this 5-start review on,

Wonderful and caring staff. Staff do follow up home calls to see how everything is with your pet(s). Your pet(s) are treated like the staff's own. Many vets told us what we knew, our Lilly was over weight and needed to drop lbs. Tekonsha was the only pet doc who took action and followed up. Our Lilly is dropping lbs. after gaining weight when we got her fixed yrs. back. Thank you Tekonsha staff for caring.


#2.  The Tekon Travel Plaza - 15587 M-60,
Tekonsha, Michigan

Many of you specifically mentioned the Tekon for late night coffee.

Kevin Borowitz recommends Tekon on Facebook and says,

Small but clean and friendly staff

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall


#1.  Waid's Pizzeria - 209 N Main St, Tekonsha, Michigan

Many of you said you love Waid's Pizzeria.  Rachel Ritter Wilbourn had this comment, "Waid's Pizza; the BEST!"

Corwin Cockey had this to say in his 5-star review on the Waid's Pizzeria facebook page,

We drive from Niles every week. Great Sandwiches & Salads. Always top it off with an Elephant Ear. Yummy


Google Street View
Google Street View


Did we miss your favorite thing about Tekonsha?  Let us know in the facebook comments.


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