Every hunter knows, sometimes waiting for that big buck to come walking through can be an agonizing battle. Have you ever fallen asleep? Likely more times then you can count sitting in a tree stand just waiting to see some tag-able game come into range. Fighting boredom is the biggest enemy any hunter can face and can even cause us to do something that would spook the wildlife and ruin the days hunt. here are 5 favorite things you can do to kill time from a list published in Wide Open Spaces.

Practice Your Photography Skills

Everyone has a phone and every phone has a camera. First, make sure you turn down the volume on all you apps so you don't blow your cover. Take pictures of birds, Turkeys, trees or whatever you see that piques your interest. This is a great time killer and if you're careful, you still won't be seen.

Bird Watching

Easy as it sounds, watch the birds. And take pictures if you don't know what the bird is so you can identify it later. Better yet, bring a book of birds with you so you can identify them in the field. Maybe some will give you some tips as to what ground animals they tend to follow.

Bring a Snack

Or 2 or 3... Keeping your energy up is important, and who knows how many times a growling stomach has forced someone from hiding because they couldn't take it any longer.

Bring a Magazine

A great way to kill boredom is by reading some articles about hunting. Maybe you will even learn a couple new tactics to employ while you are out.

Smartphone games

Think playing games can be too distracting and you may miss what is right in front of you? Pick games with short levels and look up while the next one is loading, also, a game that doesn't have a timer to force you to stare at the screen is even better.

What suggestions do you have to keep you from being bored while hunting? Tell us in the comments below.

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