A treasure hunt is about to begin in Grand Rapids and YOU can be a part of it!

Somewhere in the metro area of Grand Rapids is $5,000 waiting to be found... waiting to make one lucky person $5,000 richer.

Metro Area Treasure Hunts (MATH) is a social experiment started by a former math teacher at a high school in Grand Rapids. According to WZZM, the brains behind this treasure hunt has been working on this since last November and it finally debuts Wednesday, September 21st.

Anyone interested in participating in the treasure hunt has to register on the website and pay a fee of $19.99. Then you will be given a new clue every three days, for a total of 16, to lead you closer to the buried treasure. Those who choose to pay extra will get all 16 clues at once.

If the clues lead you to the right spot you won't just magically stumble upon a bunch of a hundred-dollar bills, but instead, you will find a coded certificate. You will then have to enter that code into the website where you will receive a check for $5,000.

The clues won't be easy and will take a lot of thinking. Not surprising considering a math teacher came up with all the clues. However, he does say that online maps and web searches are going to be your primary tools to help you out during the treasure hunt.

The treasure hunt will go until someone is the lucky winner.

You can pre-register here and get your first clue. Happy hunting!

Watch the video below from the creator of Metro Area Treasure Hunts himself.

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