UPDATE: The baby goats have been returned home. Read more about this happy ending by clicking here.

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A Barry County family says their 6 pet baby goats were stolen. The goats can only eat by bottle feedings.

A Barry County family woke to find their beloved baby goats had been stolen during the early morning hours on Monday, June 22. The family says the goats are not just farm animals, but family pets that they have raised and cared for. All of the goats in question are 1 to 2 months old and only eat by bottle feedings. The family has not only raised these babies but had raised their mothers as well. The family says they are extremely worried about the baby goats well being. Whether they are being fed or cared for correctly.

The family did capture video footage of the individuals responsible in the act of removing the baby goats from the pen/enclosure and all evidence has been turned over to the Barry County Sheriff's Department who are investigating the incident.

The family says they hope the baby goats are returned unharmed to their enclosure without further incident and that no questions will be asked if those responsible do so.

Anyone with information on the incident or with whereabouts of the baby goats is asked to contact the Barry County Central Dispatch at 269-948-4800.

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