Lafayette, Indiana becomes Hawkins with this one-of-a-kind 'Stranger Things' themed corn maze.

Autumn is arguably the best season in the Midwest with changing leaves, bonfires, cider, hayrides, haunted houses and corn mazes. Exporation Acres turns things upside down with a Netflix approved 'Stranger Things' themed maze; 10 miles of meandering pathways over 20 acres.

Pretend you are Mike, Lucas or Dustin desperately hunting for your friend while running from the Demogorgon shouting "WILL...WILL...WILL!" incessantly. Maybe you are Hopper during his trip to the Upside Down searching for Eleven or a frantic wide-eyed Joyce following an imaginary trail of blinking lights.

We've got to wait until 2019 for Netflix to release season 3 of the show but you can play out your own 'Stranger Things' fantasy now at Exploration Acres and see if you can navigate the twists and turns and find your way out of this unique corn maze.

Bonus Video: Drone Flyover of Harvest Moon Acres' Corn Maze

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