This Creepy Clown trend is getting out of control; thank heavens our police are taking care of it.

Yesterday, reported that parents of Kalamazoo Central and Loy Norrix Schools students were concerned  for their children's safety. said they received numerous, calls and emails regarding a Facebook post.

"The threat, posted by an anonymous Facebook profile, simply states, "Shooting up kc or norrix tomorrow Maybe both."

It was removed just before 10 p.m."

The Police were of course contacted, but with the post being so ambiguous their hands were tied. Yet, that did not stop them from finding the person that posted this threat.

In the meantime the schools made the decision to stay open and have extra security on hand for Friday classes.

Then the wonderful news came in! Police made an arrest early Friday morning. reported,

"Around 6:00 Friday morning officers arrested a 17-year-old Loy Norrix student for the threat. Police say they think he acted alone."

Hats off to our Police who are working so hard to keep our kids safe, and hopefully putting an end to this "Creepy Clown" nonsense! Lets be honest, it's really not funny anymore.