This mini-horse just flew first class from Grand Rapids to California.

"When horses fly" is thrown around like "when hell freezes over."  We don't live by those cliches in Michigan.  Because Hell has frozen over and horses do fly.  Ronica Froese from Newaygo County trained Fred to be a therapy and service horse according to Fox 17 Online,

This was our first trip via an airplane, Fred has traveled several thousands of miles in my vehicle but this was the first time in the air, Fred’s Handler Ronica Froese said.

Seeing a horse on a plane may seem strange at first.  But Froese explains that Fred is not only housebroken, but is "more well-trained than most dogs."  You can see video of this adorable service animal by clicking here if you can't see the video below.


In September of 2019, the FAA cleared miniature horses to fly as service animals as seen in the video below from Inside Edition.

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