"I've never been to Kalamazoo. I think it's in Michigan- it seems like it is. That's sort of the point of the story." Hear a song called "Kalamazoo" from a guy who has never visited.

Nashville musician J Pounders bills himself as a mix between Townes Van Zandt and Alex Chilton. He's played at the famous Bluebird Cafe and he's played in his car. J has over 70 songs on his YouTube channel and his latest is about Kalamazoo.

The song's protagonist is trying to get over a bad breakup and looking for a new start:

I'm goin' to


There's nothin' there

To remind me of you

He sings of reinventing his life, even changing his name (adding some letters?). He can't be sure of the changes without confirmation that it is over and done and he will never see her again. Can we ever be sure? Watch as J dedicates the song to "all my Michigan peeps," and sings "Kalamazoo."

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