Far from their stop, a Muskegon Public School Bus Driver, Kicked students off the bus

On their way home from school a group of elementary students decided to share a bag of potato chips and ended up walking all the way home. For some reason unknown this angered the driver of the bus along with the aid that was present and they demanded that the children get off the bus. The really upsetting thing is that the kids were not near their proper stop and had to find their way home.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that...

Muskegon Public Schools Superintendent Matthew Cortez says the students left the bus Wednesday afternoon, several stops before they should have. The district didn't specify how many students were involved, but said older students helped younger students stay safe afterward.

Dean Transportation, had reported that the bus driver and the aid on the bus had been fired and that the company regrets that the incident occurred.

Public Schools Superintendent Matthew Cortez apologized for the incident and said "There is no excuse for this kind of behavior".

Just glad all the children made it home safe.

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