WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

(Info from “The Saginaw News", November24, 1985 via Baker-Perkins website)

The building most commonly known as Baker Perkins Inc. was built in 1914 by Werner & Pfleiderer of Germany, who was known for their kneading and mixing machines used by bakeries and chemical, drug, and rubber companies. They plopped their new shop in Saginaw on Hess and Williamson streets, with plans of a bakery, foundry, and pattern shop. After being taken over by the government during World War I, new mixers were added that were specifically used to manufacture ammunition powder.

In 1930, Werner & Pfleiderer’s Saginaw business was sold to Baker Sons & Perkins Company which became the Baker-Perkins Manufacturing Corporation. Then came World War II. All operations of Baker-Perkins were altered to aid the war effort. By the early 1940s, most of their products were being made for – and demanded by – clients who would use them for defense:

Air raid sirens
Boat propellers
Boring mills
Destroyer hulls
Explosive mixers
Military landing crafts
Shell lathes

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In 1956, the company was involved in developing nuclear weapons and started making rocket fuel in 1964.

The factory shut down for good in 1987 and was subleased. Through the 2010s, efforts were made to remove contaminants, poisons, and any radioactive material. Some buildings in the complex and other parts were torn down, but demolition was never completed and the remains still sit empty to this day.

It’s a very interesting place to see, now that you know just a tip of the iceberg of its backstory. Take a look at the gallery below…

Abandoned Atomic Bomb & Boat Factory, Saginaw


Abandoned Farmhouse In Howell

Abandoned Trailers in Northern Michigan

Abandoned AMC Headquarters, Detroit

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