Not even the Yumbo could save this Burger King in Marshall, Michigan. It has sat forlorn and empty for more than 5 years. Now you can take a look inside.

Manny Quacioua's hobby is exploring abandoned K-Marts and this time, he found the Big K alive and well, but the flame had gone out at the Home of the Whopper across the street. Explore this abandoned Burger King restaurant.

It sits on prime lot on W. Michigan Ave in Marshall, but is no longer serving flame-broiled Whoppers. This dual drive thru windowed, blue tile topped Burger King has been closed since at least 2013. They don't build them with the royal roofs anymore and you won't see booths in this wild color pattern today, either. What really impresses Manny is the spatula-shaped door handles.

Remarkably, all of the glass is intact and the building is still secure. So, like the trip to Battle Creek's abandoned K-Mart, access is denied but this is a great look inside an early 2000s era Burger King that will make you long for the days of your first iPod and hungry for onion rings and just one random french fry.


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