Most Michiganders know about how historic the Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village is…but do you really know everything that’s there for us to see?

I showed you the automobile President Kennedy was riding in on that fateful day in November 1963…you know about the artifacts of Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, and Henry Ford himself…but there is SO much more. For example:

THE CHAIR PRESIDENT LINCOLN WAS SITTING IN WHEN HE WAS ASSASSINATED. The chair supposedly still has Lincoln’s bloodstains on it. This is such an historic piece, that I’m surprised it has survived this long - since 1865. Even though there are other states that have more to do with Lincoln (Kentucky and Illinois), Michigan was the one that was chosen to display this historic piece.

There are other artifacts that were from Lincoln’s era, including his life mask, items used by slaves, and actual Civil War relics, like uniforms, drums, swords & weaponry. Also on hand among the hundreds of artifacts is the bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat..

Take a look at some of the photos below…maybe it’ll spur you into making a visit to the museum. If you haven’t been in years, you should make it a point.

Michigan Man Created the Four-Way Traffic Light, 1920

Included is a gallery of vintage traffic lights

When Chief Sitting Bull Visited Michigan, 1885

The Life of Verne Troyer

Michigan's Most Dangerous Inmate

The Rise and Fall of David Ruffin


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