An Ohio woman is behind bars after her April Fools joke about an active shooter at her work.

I'm the first person to defend a good April Fools joke.  Good pranks tend to play off of current events or something shocking.  While an active shooter prank would fall under both of those categories.  There's never a good time or place for an active shooter prank.  This 57-year-old woman of New Carlisle, Ohio didn't get that memo.

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Pamela Sisco was working at a Springfield factory, the Navistar Plant, when she pulled what she thought was an innocent prank on her sister Thursday morning.  The suspect texted her sister that there was an active shooter which lead to this 911 call according to,

She said there was a guy that got fired yesterday and he came in with a gun and they are barricaded with the lights off in an office.  She sent me a text, and I’m afraid to text her if they are barricaded and hiding.

Multiple law enforcement agencies throughout Clark County immediately responded with-in 2 minutes.  Employees were both terrified and confused when police entered the building with guns drawn.  This prank was so dangerous that even Governor Mike DeWine condemned the prank.

Sisco was immediately suspended by her company pending an investigation.  She is currently in jail awaiting trial.  The suspect will be charged with inducing panic and disrupting public services.

I don't know for sure.  But I have a theory that this suspect might be friends with the guy that robbed a bank in Ohio last week with a dog treat box.  Get that full story by clicking here.

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