Maybe the saddest, most romantic story just ended in Jackson, Michigan.

According to the New York Post,

Les and Freda Austin, of Jackson, enjoyed a “full life together” for more than seven decades. The 90-year-olds took their last breaths while lying side by side in their beds in hospice care Saturday.

One of the grieving daughters of Les and Freda told Mlive that they were inseparable,

They did everything together. They didn't stop with death.  I think they knew each other was passing and they are eternally together. And I think it was beautiful.

The couple's 70 year history began in high school where their first date was prom.  Their very long marriage survived the Les signing up for the Korean War without telling Freda.

Les and Freda Austin are survived by 2 children, 4 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.  The life long Michiganders will be laid to rest in Mason, Michigan.

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