David Letterman, it's not. The Michigan Attorney General's office has released its own Top 10 List. It's the Top 10 consumer complaint categories for the past year.

The stated goal is "to help consumers make well-informed decisions about where to spend their money. In 2019, the Michigan Department of Attorney General received a total of more than 9,200 consumer complaints."

The AG's office says one category rose to the top of the list. In a release, the Attorney General's office says "Personal Service Provider complaints topped the 2019 list with more than 1,100 complaints. Many of the complaints were against spas, health and beauty companies, or fitness companies. Among the businesses that the Attorney General took action on was Portage's Family Fitness. That Portage facility just closed in the past 45 days and has been absorbed into the Kalamazoo YMCA.

The entire Top Ten list for 2019 sorts out like this:

1. Personal Service Providers (moving from 7th place in 2018)
2. Telecommunications, Cable and Satellite TV (a lot of this is robocalls)
3. Motor Vehicle and Automobiles
4. Credit and Financial Concerns (This category was first last year. It has to do with complaints that include debt collection and reporting, credit repair, payday lending and mortgage brokering).
5. Retail
6. Internet
7. Landlord and Tenant
8. Contractors
9. Health service providers
10. Travel

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