This gives the term "street food" a whole new meaning. One of the most beloved eateries in downtown Allegan has added a new outdoor dining space--with a twist! The restaurant known for the last 30 years as Minnie Sophrona's is now officially just "Minnie's". On their official Facebook page the family style restaurant announced:

The beginning stages of some "new space" downtown Allegan! This is going to be awesome. If you're interested in eating outside just let our staff know! We will place your meals in disposable tins for you to enjoy outdoors

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Located in the historic Victorian M. DeWright building, Minnie's has been a staple of downtown Allegan for as long as I can remember. The restaurant is the place to be on any given Sunday after church. Having grown up in Allegan myself, I've spent many Sunday mornings and Mother's Days grabbing brunch with my family at Minnie's.

Because Minnie's has a small dining room and it's so popular, tables fill up fast! Therefore, residents are quite excited about this new dining space taking shape in the streets of downtown Allegan. Of this new seasonal space Ray Berkin commented,

A good improvement for the summer!

To which Minnie's replied, "We think so too!" However, this space seems to be temporary as the restaurant clarified,

It will not stay this way. This is the temporary set up. The city has a much bigger and better project ahead of them.

I wonder what the big project is? Perhaps it's the new "'green space' , seats, and social district area.." that the restaurant has alluded to.

Lauren G/TSM
Lauren G/TSM

The process of converting parking spaces into dining spaces known as "parklets" first took over cities like Grand Rapids in 2014, but with the rise of the pandemic the number of outdoor dining spaces has exploded. It seems to be a trend that everyone loves, so perhaps it's here to stay!

I enjoy a good patio myself, are you a fan of these new outdoor dining spaces?

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