Your goods may still be made in China but they will ship from Michigan this Fall when Amazon will create 1500 jobs at its Livonia fulfillment center.

Shipping is quick and easy with Amazon Prime but until now, your order has probably come from Indianapolis, Indiana, Joliet Illinois or maybe Columbus, Ohio, meaning you have to wait to get the goods. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that an Amazon Fulfillment Center is set to open in Livonia, Michigan this Fall.

In an effort to expand its delivery network in the Midwest and shorten the time it takes to get packages to customers, is building a cluster of large and small distribution centers in southeast Michigan. Its first large center, a 1-million square foot warehouse in Livonia, is expected to create up to 1,500 jobs and open in the fall.

-Detroit Free Press

So go ahead and order that Prime membership for instant downloads and streaming of your favorite media and soon, thanks to quicker shipping from Michigan, that box with a smile will make you smile faster.

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