James Comey said he had no choice in writing a letter to Congress on Friday alerting them that new emails from a separate investigation had been discovered that may in fact be ‘pertinent’ to the ongoing investigation of Hillary Clinton. Comey, the Director of the FBI appointed by Barack Obama in 2013 left many bewildered in early July when he laid out the case of numerous crimes committed by the former Secretary of State and then took the very unusual and public position that she should not be prosecuted. At the time Hillary, her many surrogates and supporters including those working in the news media praised Comey for his work. Clinton herself said he was ‘unimpeachable’ and that she was moving on.

Her reaction now is markedly different. In fact, she is at war with Comey and the FBI. She is demanding that Comey release the new emails that were uncovered during an unrelated investigation into former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is accused of sending naked photos of himself to a 15 year old girl. Weiner is of course married to Huma Abideen, Hillary Clinton’s number one aide for the past several years. Instead of demanding that James Comey reveal what the FBI has found, I would suggest Clinton should direct her questions to Huma. After all, it seems that she allowed her sexually deviant husband to have access to tens of thousands of potentially classified information.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the number of emails that the FBI is reviewing is around 650,000. Those emails were contained on Anthony Weiners laptop and other devices he shared with his wife. Agents inside the FBI are saying that thousands of those emails were either received or sent by way of Hillary Clinton’s personal server in her New York home.

It is inconceivable that tens of thousands of emails were routed through Hillary Clintons server by Anthony Weiner. But it is likely that Huma Abedin would have her emails going through that system. So it begs the question of whether or not those systems were hacked or vulnerable to hacking by nefarious groups.

In the end, despite the disciplined Democrats parading in front of TV cameras with specific talking points and they're all saying it will not hurt Clinton at the ballot box, it will. The latest Washington Post/Wall Street Journal poll found that over 30 percent of those asked said the latest bombshell announcement would make them less likely to support Clinton. At least one third of those or ten percent of the total then may in fact change their minds before voting. Make no mistake a ten point swing is earth shattering!

Whether it is skyrocketing Obamacare premiums, co-pays and deductibles, a lack of security at America’s borders, or Hillary Clintons inability to tell the truth as a regular course of action; Americans are increasingly worn out with her. Millions have seen this act for decades and now Hillary is educating millions of millennials about Clinton Incorporated and how it works. She certainly thinks she is above the law, she is secretive to a fault and will lie even when the truth would be far more beneficial.

In fact, I believe America is turning red with anger, bright red. Republican red. Those that have been predicting Donald Trump would win in a landslide may turn out to be right. At one time Nate Silver and his 538 blog gave Trump only a 2-percent chance of winning the Republican nomination, not to mention any actual chance of winning the Presidency. The polls now seem to indicate all the momentum is in Trump’s favor. An ABC Washington Post poll shows Hillary Clintons poll numbers collapsing since Friday. Last week they pegged her lead at 12 points and Sunday it was 1-point. This race is a dead heat and historically the challenger is favored on Election Day to pick up the votes of those that decide late. Another portion of the ABC poll shows one third of those going to the polls say they are now less likely to vote for Hillary Clinton as a result of the new revelations. Trump was already leading in numerous national polls when it comes to Independent voters. That gap may be widening now that Hillary Clinton is back under an active investigation from the FBI.

I wonder what the latest email meltdown will have come Election Day. I have some friends that have said time and again they will not vote for Donald Trump and one went so far as to call him a ‘boob’. But he also left open the idea that something really egregious could possibly sway his vote. I asked if Hillary allowing her emails and correspondence to be in the possession of a likely compromised pedophile would be enough to change his mind. He said it might. He has been hardcore anti-Trump for a long time but said the idea she could be indicted is a serious consideration. If he is rocked by the revelation you must consider the idea that millions more that were less committed to their choice might be willing to vote Trump or just stay home altogether.

There are still several days to go before the election- don’t be surprised if Camp Clinton goes deeper into the political cesspool in a desperate attempt to soil Donald Trump one more time. They are not going to be focused on defending the FBI investigation other than attacking James Comey.  They will instead focus on what they’ve been doing the whole time and that is trying to tar and feather Trump and make him so toxic he cannot win. I am waiting for that attack.

Stay tuned because a week is a lifetime in 2016 politics.

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