Yesterday on Fox’s the Kelly File former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich stated the following concerning the riot in Charlotte North Carolina:

This is an American tragedy, Fifty-three years after Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech; eight years after the election of an African-American president…race relations are decaying in this country.

Schools that don’t work, neighborhoods with no jobs, random violence, a sense of being powerless even though there is an African-American president.

Over 3,000 people shot in Chicago…but no national reaction: Obama doesn’t notice it, Clinton doesn’t notice it.

The country at large will not tolerate this kind of random violence. People will not tolerate looting…closing Interstate 85 they won’t tolerate burning things.

On the other hand most Americans I think desperately would love to fix the challenge of the inner city and they know it is not working.

That young lady who was so angry a while ago her angry wasn’t just about the problem of police violence she has a life that has no future, she has a life where she has a hard time getting a job, a hard time living in a save neighborhood, a hard time being able to go out and get the kind of education that she ought to be getting.

So I think this is a place for America to have a serious dialogue and not just the usual back and forth politics but whether we can get to that I do not know

Do you agree with the former Speaker of the House and if so how do we get to the place that we can have that serious dialogue about the problems in the inner city.

How do we address the concerns of our fellow citizens in the inner city to give them the better opportunity for a better future, getting a good job, living in safe neighborhoods and receiving a quality education?

Do we honestly believe if we continue to go down the same path as we have been traveling those opportunities will magically appear?

Do we honestly believe that the establishment parties who have been in control for over a 100 years will create those opportunities?  If you believe they will why have they not so far?

Could it be that one party likes the path we are on because it gives them something to run on or against?

If the inner city issues were to all of a sudden diminish greatly what will the Democrats run on or against?

How will they be able to use those issues as political wedges against Republicans?

Who will the Democrats then be able to call racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic?

It is time for a serious change in Washington and right now only one viable candidate can offer us a hope for that change.

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