I am often asked my opinion on why there is so much hate in the heart, souls and minds of people in the Democratic Party or those who vote Democrat.  That hate comes from the top and filters down to many everyday Democrats.  Why Democrats do not believe in trickle-down economics when they can see evidence of the general trickle-down theory in action with their trickle-down hate, is beyond me.

I believe that many everyday people in the Democratic Party do not believe they have been infected by this hate.  They just do not realize that the hate they are feed second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year and decades by decades by the mainstream manipulative news, elected Democrat politicians, leftist pundits and now a steady stream of hate group’s starts to wear them down and they succumb to those people and groups statements.  Like the old adage to boil a frog you first put them in warm water and slowly turn up the heat.

I often tell my listeners that you must look at the people with who the politicians choose to surround themselves.  Those that have the politician’s ears also have a piece of their mind in which to either infect with evil thoughts or promote good thoughts.  It is the old war of good versus evil.

Here is a great example.  The Daily Caller informs us of a former campaign staffer to Socialist/Progressive/Liberal/Democrat Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and an ally of Michigan Representative Rashida Talib named Amer Zahr.  Amer is an activist and in a video on twitter he wants Tlaib, Sanders and all other Socialist/Progressive/Liberal/Democrats to stop condemning any acts of anti-Semitism.  He states:

“we have been doing it for generations…Stop it! They’re playing games Don’t condemn s%!t!”

See it for yourself but be aware it contains NSFW language:

He is a perfect example of the type of hate and racism that surrounds elected politicians in the Democratic Party.

Now you know in some part why there is so much hate that is spewed from the mouths of people in the Democratic Party.  Look at the hate that also surrounds them daily.

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