Photo: Bruno Vincent/ Getty Images
Photo: Bruno Vincent/ Getty Images

We’re hoping for some clear skies tonight to be able to enjoy the full moon. But so far the forecast is not cooperating. It is one of three Supermoons this year. We missed one last month because of the cloud cover. The Supermoon designation is given to full moon periods when the earth and moon are closer together than normal. Supermoons are about 5% larger than normal due to the proximity. The peak of this Supermoon actually occurs early this afternoon at 1:48. The final Supermoon of this year is next month on the 7th.  April’s is the most “super”, of the Supermoons, marking the shortest distance between the Earth and Moon the entire year. And of course, you’re noticing our days getting longer. We’ve added a full hour of daylight over the last month, with about a half-hour at the start and finish of our days since early February.

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