In what is termed by the City of Kalamazoo as "emergency repairs", a short but vital section of Riverview Drive will be closed for approximately a week.

The needed repairs are related to the sanitary sewer system, which can be smelled, anywhere in that immediate area, at times. The affected area is Riverview Drive between Gull Road and Bridge Street.

Google Maps
Google Maps

While the repairs are necessary, the question begs to asked, if these are emergency repairs, why is the working being put off for (as of this writing) 13 days.

But the good news is, the work will not start until June 10th and run only through June 15th, thus not affecting the greater Kalamazoo area's access to the popular DooDah Parade, which is on June 8th in downtown Kalamazoo.

But there will be nightmares, none the less, with the re-routing of traffic down Gull Street and through the shining diamond of the Kalamazoo Public Works Department, the new round-a-bout at Gull Street, Harrison and Ransom Sts. This will be a good chance to see if it is was worth doing it.

Another question begging to be asked is whether a thorough study was made of how this will affect the bicycling community in Kalamazoo.

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