Remember last week’s “incident” between the University of Michigan and Michigan State Universities football teams?

If not let me remind you, hours before the kickoff last Saturday at Spartan Stadium, Michigan players were already on the field once they were told it was clear for warm-ups.  Then the MSU football team began their traditional pregame walk down the length of the field, apparently after they were scheduled to do so.  In this line they span the width of the field and walk arm in arm across the link of the field.

When the line of Spartan’s approached the two Michigan football players on the field they refused to move as MSU marched down the field, and a confrontation ensued, with one Michigan player being allegedly clothes-lined and another having his headphones ripped off.

Coach Harbaugh was quoted saying:

We were aware they did a traditional walk and we contacted them. They send us a book, pregame operations, the most detailed and finest I've ever seen. Has everything in it in writing. But that part was not. So we called them and said 'what time are you guys doing your walk, we don't want to put our players out until you do your traditional walk...They gave us a time. 'It'll be at 9:45 (a.m.).' Said OK, great.' Then, 'well, it might be 9:55, now it is going to be 9:55 a day later.' That walk happened another 10 minutes after that. At no point was there any kind of heads up or, 'hey could you guys please leave the field.'

After the game, Harbaugh called the incident “bush league” and said Dantonio was walking behind, “smiling the whole time,” to which Dantonio responded with, “B.S.”

Well the Big Ten Conference did not believe it was B.S. coach Dantonio and they have fined Michigan State University $10,000 and Dantonio was reprimanded for “failing to take action to mitigate a foreseeable conflict from occurring”.

According to a statement released by the Big Ten Wednesday:

“the conference determined that Michigan State violated the policy when its football team walked across the field with linked arms and initiated contact with multiple members of Michigan’s team who were legitimately on the field during pregame warmups.”

Several Michigan Sate and Michigan football players and coaches were reprimanded for their conduct and coach Harbaugh, who on Monday said the pre-game incident had “the ear-markings and evidence of an orchestrated stormtrooper march,” was reprimanded for his comments made after the game and on Monday about the incident.

When there is all kinds of video and pictures being taken these coaches and players should be careful of what they say because the evidence is in the videos and pictures.

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