This seems a bit early.

As reported by WWMT News Channel 3, businesses in Downtown Kalamazoo are under the impression that holiday events for the downtown area have already been given the ax.

Understandably, holiday events were cancelled at the end of 2020 due to the lingering pandemic. However, it seems that the vaccination rate and decline of positive covid-19 cases in Michigan in 2021 aren't enough to feel safe moving forward with these holiday events. Or, that's the rumor at least.

In a statement to WWMT, Downtown Kalamazoo Partnership's President, Andrew Haan, said,

In the midst of a global pandemic, all downtown programming continues to be developed with careful consideration. We have not finalized any decisions around holiday programming. We are continuing to review options for engaging and impactful winter and holiday programming in downtown. We look forward to announcing plans in August.

Contrary to Haan's statement, sponsors of the holiday parade provided emails to WWMT that clearly stated the plan to cancel both the Holiday parade and the Holly Jolly Trolley due to safety concerns stemming from the pandemic.

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Considering the holiday season is generally when businesses make up for any losses experienced during the year, concern about the early cancellation of events that attract people to the downtown area seem valid.

It's tricky to try to predict something as unpredictable as a virus, especially when we're hearing about positive cases of the Delta variant of Covid-19. Hopefully, Michigan residents will continue to get vaccinated so organizers of events, like the holiday events in downtown Kalamazoo, will start to feel more comfortable giving them the green light.

There is a possibility that the Downtown Kalamazoo Partnership will change their mind. But, remember...planning a giant parade takes months of planning. Unless they change their mind soon (which should only be done if there's no risk to the public) I doubt the holiday parade will happen.

I know we're months away from the holiday season but remember, you can always show your support for locally owned businesses in downtown Kalamazoo by perhaps choosing to visit a physical store instead of opting for that 2-day shipping from that one billionaire's online platform.

And don't forget about Downtown Dollars! They're a unique way to give a kind of gift certificate that's accepted at multiple stores downtown. Read more below:

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