Winter is coming and with it usually comes days off from school due to snow.  In fact schools in Michigan, these last few years seem to be having more snow days year after year.  When I was younger I was lucky if we had a couple of snow days a year and those were the best days of the school year.  Last year I believe they had 10 or more days off due to snow.

With schools and teachers telling and showing us that we no longer need to have face to face classes is there ever going to be a need to cancel school for snow days or for any reason.

MLive reported that Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Beal stated:

“If we know in advance that a storm is coming we will probably plan for a virtual day, but in the event that the road conditions are unexpectedly dangerous in the morning, we may need to call a snow day which would include both in-school and those students that are at home”

I do not understand why they need to plan for a virtual day, could they not just switch to the teacher teaching from home and the students logging in for the day's lesson from their home.

Jackson County, Superintendent Sandy Maxson said:

“If we end up with a hard winter with many days, we will not want our kids to go without school work and connections with their teachers too long”

If we are being told by some politicians, all school unions and many teachers that learning virtually will not harm the education progress of their students and our children; the question becomes are physical schools needed at all any longer?

Now that virtual learning is here should there ever be a day off due to snow?

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