There are many animal lovers who are not pleased with hunters and believe we should allow nature to take its course.  Then there is the Michigan Department of Natural Resources that looks at the science of managing wildlife including the deer.

They have concluded that there are more deer than there are hunters.  Because of that, the deer are winning and Michigan drivers are losing.  According to reporting by WWMT, the Michigan State Police are reporting that the number of fatal crashes caused by deer this year has already surpassed all of last year's deaths.

The Michigan State Police has reported that 26 people have been killed already this year by deer-car crashes in Kalamazoo County compared to 22 all of last year.

A deer biologist from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Chad Stewart stated the:

"Deer are extremely reproductive and their populations can grow really quickly”

The problem with that is according to Chad the number of hunters in Michigan is decreasing by 2-4% each year.  With those numbers and not enough of the deer's natural predators that spells danger for Michigander drivers.

If you are driving and you see a deer in front of you what should you do?  According to DuWayne Robinson a Michigan State Police Lt.:

"Don’t try to swerve to miss the animal. The best thing you can do is try to slow down and if you have to, go ahead and hit the animal and just keep in control of your car at the same time”

Be careful driving and perhaps think about taking up deer hunting.


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