A 32-year-old Springfield resident spent the night in jail following a wild series of events. It started with what county Sheriff’s Deputies report was an assault on his girlfriend. Deputies were called to  Avenue “A” last evening by a report of an assault in the roadway. Arriving Deputies spotted a man assaulting three women along the 300 block of the avenue. The suspect jumped in a car and drove through some yards in an attempt to get away. But he crashed the vehicle into some trees. He jumped and took off running.  He was captured a short time later with help from a Department K-9 team.

Deputies report it appears the man started in with an assault on his girlfriend. Things escalated when two of the woman’s friends entered into the fray in an attempt to come to her aid. One of the two was knocked unconscious. But Deputies also report the suspect’s girlfriend was uncooperative and provided false information to them, leading to her being charged with hindering an investigation.  The 32-year-old man is held on a variety of assault charges, and resisting arrest.

Tips to Get You Through a Lockdown

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